Ridgeview Wine Estate - A Brand To Be Proud Of

It doesn't take long to realise the family at Ridgeview have a tremendous enthusiasm and pride for their story. We felt that it was essential to get this confidence into the range. 
Over the past twenty years Ridgeview has remained in family ownership and has risen above the competition to win over 200 awards and medals, securing a well deserved reputation of being one of the UK's most prestigious and exciting producers.

However, in twenty years the landscape of English wine production has changed significantly. In the last ten years alone there has been a 140% rise in the hectarage of vineyards and now has an estimated retail sale value of over £100 million. In the face of growing competition it was time to update the packaging of the range.

The Original Ridgeview label


While Ridgeview has continued to produce exciting and award winning wines, their packaging has changed little. Twenty years ago English wine was amazingly still in its infancy and stood little chance in reaching consumers in the face of competition from Champagne and Cava brands. Luckily this attitude has changed substantially.

Ridgeview approached Gigantic at the beginning of last year with the hugely exciting brief to re-design their range - a job we jumped at the chance to work on. 

At Gigantic we begin all of our jobs with research - you can't have great design without understanding. As we looked at the branding and packaging of Ridgeview's competition (which at £24.95 - £30 is substantial) it became clear that although a little outdated the current packaging had many strengths. Completely redesigning a successful brand can be commercial suicide so it is vital to show a little restraint and identify the strengths and hallmarks of a brand before excitedly starting with a white, rectangular label like many of the competition. 

Sharper Serifs & Provenance

One of the key changes we made to the Ridgeview brand was to make the age of the winery and England a main touch point. It is the foundation of who Ridgeview are and something to be very proud of.

The new Ridgeview Logo


Shelf Standout

Shelf standout is crucial, both in the on-trade and the off-trade. Compared to its competition Ridgeview has a very unique label shape, so rather than sending it a few miles down the road to the seaside to retire we chose to remove the oval that weighed heavily at the top of the label and liven it up increasing the shelf standout and improving consumer recognition of the brand.


Eric Gills' 1928 Gill Sans typeface is synonymous with British design, originally inspired by Johnston Sans which was developed for the London underground and now appears widely both on luxury brands and 'keep calm and insert witty remark posters' world wide. Remarkably Eric Gill used to live less than a hundred metres from where the Winery now sits it seemed appropriate to integrate it into the brand. You can find out much more about Eric Gill's work at the Ditchling Museum of Arts and Crafts.

Brand Hierarchy 

Originally the Ridgeview range consisted of a core range of the Bloomsbury (£24.95), Cavendish (£26.95) and Fitzrovia (£26.95) and a premium range of single estate and limited release wines consisting of the Grosvenor (£29.95), Knightsbridge (£32.95) & Victoria (£32.95) which were all differentiated by colour which made recognising and understanding the products difficult. So we broke the range down into three clear sections; Signature (Bloomsbury, Cavendish & Fitzrovia), Single Estate and Limited Release. 

Attention to Detail

If you want a luxurious finish you have to have attention to detail. We carefully re-drew all of the elements of the original label, from the frame to the background image to give them a clean crisp finish on the pack and working with Multilabels (Now CCL) we improved the print finishing across the ranges - using the same stock across the range but stepping up the specification for the Limited Release and Single Estate ranges. Thanks to MultiLabels for the images below. By standardising the stock used we also reduced the print bill so the labels delivered more for less. 

If you would like to find out more about our work or work with us - get in touch now.