Hot off the press and best served over ice


A sunset shared over a glass of sangria is a powerful image and if you combine that with a trend towards sweeter fruit driven wines and you have clear winner. 

We created Costa del Mar Sangria to compete against Don Simon Sangria, Olala and Frisante in the Nordic markets.

What makes the Sangria category very interesting is that it is positioned on shelf alongside stylish aperitifs like Campari and Aperol - traditionally Sangria has been marketed very much like an RTD or a fruit juice rather than a credible wine based drink which left the opportunity to introduce a challenger to the shelf.  



Taking inspiration from vintage travel posters we went on a more traditional journey, giving the consumer a window to their own sunset and at the same time positioning Costa del Mar as a credible and premium Spanish offering that stands out against the competition. 

The wine is a very approachable fruit driven style with flavours of spanish citrus, valencian orange peel and is best served over ice with a slice of orange. With a sunset. And the ocean. 

Costa del Mar is now available on shelf in Systembolaget

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